Incorporating a Standing Desk into your Work Lifestyle

Many of us now know that sitting at your desk for 40+ hours a week, is not the best option for your personal health.  It increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  Thankfully many furniture manufacturers have started to take notice in recent years and have since produced some great standing desk options.

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The Mito Desk offers an electric height adjustment option


Standing desks have been said to offer the following health benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • The ability to burn more calories
  • Standing Desks may help blood sugar levels return to normal more quickly after eating. (which in turn helps keep energy levels up, regulates hormones, and promotes good metabolism)
  • Improved productivity
  • Standing Desks can reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain
  • Greater work collaboration. Employees are more likely to interact, when they are already in a standing position


Of course too much of anything can be harmful.  The desk user should try using a standing desk for small increments at first, typically for two to four hours a day.  It is important to start with these shorter increments in the beginning, and listen to your body.  Don’t force yourself to stand too long.  Gradual transition is key.

In addition, make sure to focus on your posture, and stand as straight as you can.  Make sure to position your computer screen at eye level, 20-30 inches away from your face.  Wrists should be flat on your desk, and your arms relaxed close to a 90 degree angle.  Always make sure to wear comfortable shoes, therefore not shifting your weight around.


The Drive Yan Workstation features an electric height adjustment option


Lastly, make sure to not place all of your weight on one foot, and avoid locking your knee.  This can strain your lower back and neck.  Leaning over can also cause additional back strain.



*The Drive Ogi  Workstation offers an electric height adjustment option


Be sure to check out the many standing desk options at Executive Desk Company today!

New Brand Spotlight: Creative Wood

We see change as an opportunity to design and manufacture products with purpose. Blending form and function into objects of personal value and expression that enhance today’s office landscapes.” -Creative Wood

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Executive Desk Company is proud to announce a partnership with Oakland, California based company Creative Wood


This highly customizable and innovative U.S.A. based & family owned company has been in business for over 45 years, providing top quality furniture to companies all over the world.  Creative Wood is able to make a variety of sizes, finishes, and is able to use a variety of mixed materials. From high quality laminate, to traditional wood veneer, to glass and metals, they are able to do it all!

Creative Wood emphasizes building smarter furniture through environmental sustainability and responsibility.  They focus on putting themselves in the end users shoes, collaborating hand in hand to provide product solutions that work today and well into the future.  Change is considered an opportunity to design and manufacture products with purpose.  Blending form and function into objects of personal value and expression that enhance today’s office landscapes.

They have quite a reputation, working with such companies such as Google, Netflix, and Stanford University.  Please see the images below, to see a sample of the extensive variety of unique items that they offer:


A very stylish reception desk built with aluminum inlay and glass countertop. Guaranteed to make a great first impression with its nontraditional style, it would be a nice addition to the forefront of any work place.



A beautiful, curved conference table with open middle, in walnut veneer with gunmetal gray powder coat metal base.



Laminate is budget-friendly, durable, and attractive. This reception desk is on-trend with a combination of gray wood grain and white laminates.



A stylish solution for a conference table: two live-edge planks placed side by side with a metal base.



This beautiful free standing desk and storage cabinet combination, from the Platform series, is featured in a dark finish.  These pieces incorporate wood, glass , and metal materials.



This oak table features segmented plank veneer and angled open metal bases. Data and power are in the double door trough.



This reception desk features a simple contrasting design of rustic reclaimed wood for the accent panel front, and sleek contemporary metallic aluminum material on the reception shell and work surface.  What a unique piece!



Creative Wood designed this unique mobile ticket kiosk for a local community college using mixed materials – laminate case with matte aluminum horizontal ribs and polished aluminum signage. The unit is on casters and features plenty of storage, flip top surfaces and an ADA shelf.


The products above showcase many different examples of Creative Wood products, however this is only a small example of their offerings.  They are often able to customize and design completely new items, or customize existing items.

We are very excited for the new & innovative furniture designs that will be created.  The possibilities are truly endless!



New Product Spotlight: Valde Reception Desks

valde-18Your reception area is the first point of contact with clients, so it is important that you make a good and impactful first impression.  With its premium quality, exquisite modern look, and the many different configurations that the Valde Reception Desks has to offer, you can do just that.


Superior Quality and Sustainable Materials

The Valde Reception Desk series is produced in Poland by a family owned business with over twenty years of family tradition.  They have a variety of clients including the Strong Project, smaller businesses like the salon pictured below, and have even had a chance to provide a reception desk to the White House.

Raw materials are carefully selected, and 100% of wood used comes from responsible forestry.  Finished products are certified according to European standards PN-EN.



Modular Reception Desks

In addition to its high quality and premium materials, the Valde Reception Desk is designed to be completely versatile.  Sections can be added to create a different look, or to produce a desk as large or as small as your business needs, with endless configurations. A single desk makes a great workstation for receptionists in a small lobby, while larger desk configurations are ideal for bigger waiting rooms with more space to spare, and multiple receptionists to accommodate at once.


*From left to right: Valde Beeline Reception Desk, Valde Semi-Circular Reception Desk, Valde Circular Reception Desk, and the Valde Wave Reception Desk


Unique Lighting & Creative Design

LED lighting is located under the upper desk top and at the bottom of the counter, making the reception desk stand out, with the added benefit of presenting perfectly in darker rooms.


With such a wide variety of colors available, you are able to select something that is ideal for a bolder look, or you can choose a color that is more neutral and subdued:


Need help finding a reception desk that will fit your needs?  Call our furniture experts at (800) 376-0652 or leave a comment below!

Low Maintenance Plants to Enhance Your Executive Office

In the world of executive offices, there is sometimes a lack of connection with nature and the outside world. This separation has been proven to be detrimental to people on both mental and physical levels. As more research has been done to study office environments, time and time again, it becomes clear that the benefits of plants in the office are outstanding. From improving air quality, to stimulating productivity, plants can provide a wealth of benefits that are too good to ignore. One study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, “The relative benefits of green versus lean office space”, showed that “…when plants were brought into the offices – one plant per square meter – employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially”


Courtesy of Between Friends


Although many people may be wary to take on the responsibility of keeping an office plant alive, there are many plants that are beneficial, beautiful, and very hard to kill. Incorporating plants into your executive office is fairly easy, and the difference made by a few well-placed plants is astounding. By cultivating a collection of durable and low maintenance plants, any office dweller can reap the benefits that nature has to provide.


Photo courtesy of author


Below are our 10 favorite plants that purify the air, are aesthetically pleasing, and require very little maintenance. Whether you choose to add a small English ivy plant on the corner of your executive desk, or use the taller Dragon Tree or Bamboo Palm as a natural room divider, these plants will incorporate easily into your office space and will instantly enhance your environment.


Photos courtesy of The National Gardening Association


The relative benefits of green versus lean office space: Three field experiments. Nieuwenhuis, Marlon; Knight, Craig; Postmes, Tom; Haslam, S. Alexander. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Vol 20(3), Sep 2014, 199-214.

Creating a Modern Reception Area


Because your reception area is the first point of contact for your clients, it should reflect the image you are looking to portray for your company.  For many businesses, this means creating a reception room with a clean modern look, that leaves a lasting impression.   A stunning custom built reception desk may do just the trick.

Find the Correct Fit

As tempting as it may be to order an exuberantly large reception desk, or order a smaller reception desk to save money, these decisions could have a negative impact in the long run.  A reception desk that is too large for your room will create a space that appears too cramped and uncomfortable.  On the other hand, a reception desk that is too small for your room will make your space look very disproportional and unbalanced.

pic2Neo-Berlin Grand Reception Desk,

pic3Neo-Berlin Small Reception Desk,

Keep it Simple

If you are truly going towards a more modern look for your reception area, it is important to keep your desk design simple, sleek, and clean.  Choose a reception desk with a minimalistic design, and with strong basic design principles.  If you are going for a bolder look, consider a reception desk with an eye catching splash of color.


Valde Linear Reception Desk,

Consider the Desk User

Finally, it is also very important to consider the needs of your employees that will be utilizing the receptionist desk.  The proper amount of workspace, storage, and comfort of the desk are important, so your employee is able to get the job done.  Make sure that the reception desk is the correct size for the amount of users, and add enough cabinets and pedestals so that there is enough room for office supplies, including your employee’s personal belongings.


Executive Desk Company goes to Hollywood

nino-d_websize*The Nino D Modern Desk, available exclusively from  Executive Desk Company


If you are an avid television viewer, or are a fan of the Marvel Series, then you have probably heard of the show on Netflix, Luke Cage.  This show follows an ordinary man that gains super strength and durability by a sabotaged experiment.  Wrongly accused, he escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.

Executive Desk Company was recently informed that one of our desks, featured on the show, was our very own Nino D Modern Desk!  Below is a link featuring the items shown in this very popular show.  Here at Executive Desk Company, we are very proud to have our furniture showcased on such a highly acclaimed television series.

Product of the Month: Qie B Modern Executive Desk

The Qie B Modern Executive Desk is one of our most impressive multi-functional L-Shaped desks. Not only does it make a statement with its unique design and smooth curved edges, it also has many practical features that make it outshine most modern desks.

The main desk itself provides plenty of workspace, storage, and power capabilities. The integrated leather pad features a brushed stainless steel lid that lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment. This compartment provides a space to store writing utensils, smart phones, and comes with a built-in multi-functional cable box. The cable box has 2 power plugs, 1 network, 1 phone, and 1 VGA plug, providing quick access to your power and data needs, without cluttering your desktop workspace.

The Qie B Modern Executive Desk can be ordered with the return section on the left or right side, as you are sitting at the desk. The return desk top sits about 4 1/3″ lower than the main desk, which allows ample space to place such things as a printer or phone, or other desktop accessories, close at hand, but not in the way of your work.

The return section also features an impressive storage system that really sets this desk apart from others. The drawer closest to the main desk slides out and provides a perfect place to store a personal safe. The next section is open and can be used to store a computer tower out of sight from others, but within reach for the user. The next section features a small storage drawer and a file drawer below. The last section is a cabinet for storage, which can be utilized best to suit your needs. If you enjoy having a mini fridge close at hand, this is the perfect spot.

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