Top ten ways to make your conference room the most productive room

A conference room isn’t just your average place in the office.  It is where top executives and key employees create meaningful ideas and concepts and seal deals with clients.  Creating an atmosphere of productivity, efficiency and elegance is therefore a must to actively motivate the key players of your organization. Here are the top ten ways to optimize a conference room’s potential:

1.      Adequate space. Make sure that your conference room has enough space to hold furniture like your executive conference table and still let your guests and employees move around with ease.  Leave at least 3 feet around the conference tables to allow everyone to walk to their seats easily.  Allow approximately 3 feet width for each participant.

2.      Proper light and ventilation. A conference room needs to be well-lighted and cool enough to keep the attendees feeling comfortable all throughout the proceedings.  Add a plant or two would also help lift the atmosphere and put a bit of warmth in the room.

3.      Layout. Design your conference room to ease the flow of conversations and presentations. In the executive conference table for example, everyone needs to be able to see each other face to face and have a clear view of the focal point, which is usually the projector screen or white board or both.

4.      Ergonomics. A conference room should not be confined to its look and feel; one must also consider how it affects its users. Provide comfortable office furniture to make sure employees could focus more on the meeting itself and maybe even enjoy the experience.  Find office table furniture with ergonomically recommended height, flexibility features and a guarantee for comfort.

5.      Convenience. Have your washroom, coffee, and other necessary things easily accessible to prevent unnecessary interruptions and distractions at the executive conference table.

6.      Functionality. Provide adequate facilitates in the conference room to efficiently deliver presentations and conduct meetings. Fully utilize its capacity to boost up the productivity of its users.

7.      Enhance creativity. Look for colors and design that would complement the image of your company as well as support the creativity of its users. A conference room should not be dull and depressive.

8.      Provide a little privacy. Cater private conversations in a separate area in your conference room to provide small moments of needed privacy.

9.      Visibility to outsiders. Depending on your company’s culture, conference room visual privacy is optional.  Some meetings need to be kept completely confidential while others can be more open.  This particular conference room feature is subjective and will be up the designer’s discretion.

10.  Clamp down the noise. It is important that the conference room be free from unnecessary noise. The conference room should create an atmosphere of exclusiveness from the outside environment to ensure the users concentrate more on the meeting than on the outside noise.  Additionally, internal discussions often time need to be kept confidential and therefore, kept inaudible from outside.

With the above tips in mind, start to revitalize your conference room and welcome productivity in your company at much greater heights!

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