Everyone Should Love Their Desk

The creator and producer of the popular news show 60 Minutes was a man named Don Hewitt.  He was a man devoted to creating memorable television and he did not retire from his work at CBS until he was 81 year old.  Don Hewitt was quoted as saying “I plan to die at my desk”.  Well the truth is that Mr. Hewitt did not die at his desk but he practically lived at his desk for the 63 years that he came to work.

It gives cause to pause.  It may be worth contemplating how much time is spent by professionals at their desk each day.  A quick break down of the number of hours we put into sitting behind a desk can help us to decide whether we want designer desks or something ordinary and whether high end office desks and furnishings really help us to excel at our jobs.  One way to contemplate the importance of really usable office furnishings is to break down the hours that are typically spent at the desk.  Of course not everyone is like Don Hewitt and may not want to spend 63 years living / working behind a desk so we will make the numbers more user friendly. Take a look.

Time spent at an office desk based on a 40 hour work week and 40 year career:

1,920 hours a year

76,800 hours over 40 year career

Time spent in your bed based on an average of 8 hours a night for 40 years:

2,688 hours a year

107,520 hours over 40 years

Time spent in your car based on an average of driving 3 hours daily for 40 years:

1,008 hours a year

40,320 over 40 years

Now take a moment to think about how much time and research you put into buying your car or your mattress.  You recognize that you will be spending a great deal of time with these objects and you want them to represent you well.  Shouldn’t the same attention be given to an item that you will spend some 76,000 hours with?

High end office desks are typically relegated to upper management.  Yet, all individuals who come to the office daily can benefit from the empowering feel of designer desks.  Respecting the work space as an integral part of our day to day living can help us to bring quality and commitment to our work.

Not everyone loves their job enough to wish that they could end their days at their desk like Don Hewitt.  However, with a smart investment in an executive desk, you may be happy to live there.  Empower yourself and your employees by giving them a place they want to work.


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