Are Surveillance Cameras Needed?

If you own a business you have no doubt thought about the security of where you and your employees spend your week days. Concern over office security has become a common topic.  It has become just as ordinary to see surveillance cameras in the office as it is to see a front lobby desk, outdated magazines and a well watered fichus tree.  Yet the question rises; how justified is it to have a surveillance camera posted in the lobby area?  The answer is not simple, but it is interesting.

If you think that the issue of whether or not to have security set up in your lobby is a rather dull topic you might be surprised.  Simply type in surveillance video into your favorite search engine and you quickly realize that there is a lot to be learned about your business from even a single surveillance camera.  Many business owners have found that having taken such a security measure has made it easier to keep an eye on employees but mostly it is a real protection to whoever is sitting at your front lobby desk.

Some business owners worry that an unattractive camera may create the wrong atmosphere in their office.  With the latest technology however, cameras can be placed discreetly on a round reception desk in a way that clients never know it’s there.

Of course it is your choice whether or not to let it be known that you have taken these security measures by having the camera visible.  But really it is not the camera itself that offers protection.  When scanning through the unlimited supply of video footage from surveillance cameras on the web you begin to realize that the camera’s purpose is really not to stop crime.  Instead you find that it only ensures that you have complete knowledge of what goes on at your business when you are not there.  If the camera were more productive in stopping crimes there would not be so much entertaining footage on the internet.

It is useful to look into how cameras such as these can save you money.  Some insurance companies will actually lower your monthly cost when you prove to them that you have installed video surveillance in your office.  This is worth consideration when you keep in mind that just as you have filled your home with quality items and furnishings, so you have likely done with your office.  Damage to office furnishing done by vandals and sometimes even employees can be handled through insurance more easily if you have video proof of what happened.

When it comes to your office and the security of your business, there are a lot of avenues you can explore to keep things protected.  Surveillance cameras are just one of those viable choices for any serious business person.

Whether you are looking for the ideal front lobby desk, work stations for your employees or some beautiful round reception desk for yourself, take the time to find out what finish is used on the product. So be sure to look for a strong finish that is up to the task of protecting your investment for the years to come.


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