The Desks We Keep

Kaysa Executive Desk

Executive of ITT, Harold S. Geenan said once “You can know a person by the kind of desk he keeps”.  Mr. Geenan certainly spoke from experience as he wielded brilliant executive power from behind his own desk.  Over a short period of time Harlold S. Geenan took a moderate sized business and grew it into a multibillion dollar, multinational power house.  No doubt his experiences in the corporate ring and his knowledge of business realities lead him to say the above words.

The importance of the executive desk that we choose is highlighted in Mr. Geenan’s words and philosophy.  Just as a sea Captain would not choose to take his crew out of Port without a ship befitting his status, so the business executive should feel confident that his desk represents him well. 

Careful selection of the proper desk will demonstrate the value of the man or woman that sits behind it.  Consider two stunning designs with the Lattier and the Kaysa executive desks.  Bold and sophisticated design is combined with high quality materials to give you a one of a kind modern desk.  Find these and other executive furnishing at and let the business world ‘know the person you are, by the kind of desk you keep’!

Geri Gross


One Response to “The Desks We Keep”

  1. Castors Says:

    i always keep clean my desk and decorate with attractive flowers pot 🙂

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