Boring Conference Rooms Morph into Sophisticated Think Tanks!

When you hear someone speaking about meeting in the ‘conference room’, what picture comes to mind?  Is it a small room over crowded with heavy dated furniture and the prospect of a long boring meeting?  Or does the idea of a conference room meeting evoke excitement and anticipation for you?

Board meetings, staff meetings, and conferences have the ability to be as great or as dull as you decide to make them.  The first element in creating an office space that works as a think tank rather than a snooze lounge is the conference room table that you choose.

The Emir Executive Conference Table is a stunning piece of furniture that maintains the classic feel of a board room table while still feeling modern and streamlined.  Whether it is clients, employees, or board members, whoever sits at the Emir is sure to feel ready for something more than ordinary.  Black wood veneer, chrome and glass give the classic lines of this conference room table a fresh and young look.  As always, the furniture that we offer here at can be made to order to your specifications.  We are committed to quality and customer service.  When you order from us you will find our attention to details shines through from even before the time you place your order until long after you receive your shipment.

Your office is your home away from home.  Make a statement about yourself with office furniture that is as outside of the box as your business is.  Be sure to look over our stylish list of executive desks and more at

The Modern and Sophisticated Emir Conference Table



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