Three Steps to a Good Impression

Have you ever found yourself waiting in an office for any period of time?  Most people have experienced the dreaded waiting room of a Doctor’s office, tax preparer or other business at some point in their lives.  These waits can be made more a nuisance when the room you are asked to wait in is drab, uncomfortable or outdated.  The reception area or waiting area of an office is usually the first impression that a client gets of a business, so it needs to be up to par.  When it comes to how your office represents your work consider the following three reminders.

1) Visual Appeal- Take a look at your reception area with new eyes.  You may have walked through this space everyday for the last ten years but try to see it the way a new client would.  Does the space feel crowded, outdated, or confusing?  Rearranging the furniture or bringing in new art can go a long way in making the space more user-friendly.

2) Comfort – It may be easy to dismiss the waiting area of your office as a rarely used space, however for those who have to sit there for even just ten or fifteen minutes the view can seem different.  Comfortable seating makes a long wait seem short.  Investing in comfortable seating is important for creating a professional atmosphere. For example offers a gorgeous all leather sofa that is both comfortable and attractive.  The Ml-430 can be special ordered to fit your reception area or executive office.

3) It Needs to Make Sense – Office spaces need to be laid out in a way that helps your clients to know where to go to get what they need.  Your reception area should make it clear where the client should go to find who he needs to consult with and where they should sit while they wait.  You can avoid uneasiness and confusion by planning out the layout of your entry. gives you the ability to custom tailor your office furniture to fit perfectly in the space.  You can control the size, colors and wood veneers that your furniture is built with. provides incredible options that can quickly update your reception area and give it the appeal your business deserves.

The Ml - 430


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