King Arthur and the Knights of Conference Tables

Perhaps the first thing you think of when someone mentions the words conference table, is the famed round table that folklore tells us King Arthur sat at. Perhaps in fable history, this was the first executive conference table ever! How have conference tables changed since the knights all sat around the table determining the fate of Camelot and other important matters of business?

The STUM designer conference table is a stunning oval meeting place that rivals even the greatest meeting tables in history. If you want to have the recognition and seriousness that a proper conference table can invoke, this one fits the bill. With a variety of colors and finishes all custom made to give you the ideal furniture, you can create a designer piece that will compliment any space. Take advantage too, of our many custom features that allow you to adjust the size of the table to fit nearly any office space.

STUM Conference Table

Make all your business meetings a success and memorable by investing in a conference table that even King Arthur and the knights would be proud to sit at. The STUM designer conference will go a long way in creating a professional locale that will make meeting easy and functional. The STUM can be found at with a wide and ever expanding selection of incredible executive desks, conference table and more. Take a look today!


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