Royally Executive Desks

After a week of frenzy over the royal wedding, life returns to its normal pace of ‘business as usual’.  For some, the return to work may seem mundane and old hat, for others, work brings excitement and future plans.  Do you face your week of work with a bit of hesitation?   Perhaps you are feeling a bit envious of the posh lifestyle of the royal families, be it those of England or those of Hollywood.  If so, you can change your work environment into a space that creates as much excitement as, well as a royal wedding.

One way to bring new life to your office is by investing in a modern executive desk.  Take for example the Oregon PITTS manager office desk found at  This beautiful sleek desk is a brilliant mix of conservative style and amped up modernism.  Exposed hardware gives the Oregon PITTS an industrial nod while practical elements make it a joy to work at.

Attention to detail is delivered in this modern executive desk with easy sliding return cabinet drawers, as well as real wood veneers that are given sturdy finishes that you can count on for the years to come. Your modern executive desk can also be custom made to fit perfectly in your office space.  Ascetics are also given a boost with cleverly designed cabinets that keep printers and typical desk top items discreetly hidden.

The Oregon PITTS is a well balanced and creatively designed modern executive desk that would suit any office stepping into the 21st century with a  fresh attitude and look.  Learn more about this and other beautiful desks at


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