Two to Tango

The often heard quote “it takes two to tango” rings true when you discover eclectic combinations in design that somehow work.  Modern and cottage may seem like styles so opposite of each other that they cannot combine, yet proper design can bring them together.  Industrial style furniture might not be, at first thought , considered cozy and inviting but when combined with certain natural elements that suggest a contemporary flair, you can achieve incredible results.  The Sun Valley Reception desk is a perfect example of two opposite styles combining to create a stunning and original piece.

Consider the streamlined cuts of rich classic wood veneer.  While the shape of the desk suggests the age of industry, it is softened with beautiful wood tones and then given edge with frosted glass panels.    The Sun Valley reception desk is just one of many incredible reception desks offered through  This particular style is unusually bold and sophisticated and can be customized to fit your office perfectly.

Don’t let the entrance of your business feel out dated or ordinary.  Take a step up with something that makes an impact as soon as your client walks in.  When you bring sleek modern design together with natural woods you find that yet again, if the two had not come together, the brilliant artistry would have been limited.  Like we say, It takes two to tango”, sometimes even in office design.

Sun Valley Reception Desk


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