Create some Excitment – Conference Tables

If you have ever experienced an audible groan when the office hears the word ‘conference’ or ‘meeting’, then it is time to take a look at your conference room afresh.  Give your clients and employees a creative and motivating working environment with a fresh table concept.  The Merit Oval Conference table is a unique style offered through and can be custom built to fit your space.

We have taken great care in the design on this beautiful table.  It provides adequate space for every one seated and offers laptop ports through the esthetically attractive center cut away. The unusual oval configuration offers not just a unique look but is also practical for narrow spaces and creating a conversational setting.    Choose the ideal finishes and custom details on this or any of our other fine executive conference tables and it will be the perfect fit for your office space.

Never again should you need to cope with your office feeling hesitant to head to the conference room.  With this brilliant modern conference table you will have an ideal meeting place for your clients and employees.  A place that visitors will be grateful to return to again and again.

Merit Oval Conference Table


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