Breaking Up Outdated Design

Easily caught up in the standard and expected, many business people today never stop to imagine how a few simple changes to their office could reignite a passion for work.  Take for example the executive desk that stands as a sort of icon in the office furniture world.  This important and often impressive piece can easily be assigned a typical style, and predictable location in the office space. works hard to pose the question ‘does your modern office furniture needs to be allocated to only the standard and expected?’  An example of this fresh new take on the infamous executive desk, is the Scottsdale Thomas.  This multi-tiered desk breaks up the old molds in office desks by literally breaking up the desk into sections.

Scottsdale Thomas Executive Desk

This take on the modern executive desk should not be brushed off quickly.  The unusual and eye catching rarity of this desk’s layout give it not only the ability to make a statement in the office space but also add enormously to functionality and ease of mobility.  While The Scottsdale Thomas may not be what the professional executive first imagines when dreaming up their office space, it certainly takes your office space in an immpresively modern direction.


Thanks to and it’s experienced managers, all the office furniture provided is not only unusual in design and made of high quality materials but allows the client to put their own fingerprint (so to speak) on the furniture.  Choose from various design options and details and turn the furniture of your dreams into

the furniture of your realities.

Geri Gross


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