Artful Business is Possible

Sterile boring offices are things of the past.  Artistic, hip and fresh office spaces are emerging in every vein of business.  Striking the right balance between professional and edgy can be made easy at   Executive desk design is given an element of contrasts and cohesiveness in the Inland empire Collection Executive Desk.  Incredible function is given lively design appeal with contrasting shapes and wood veneers.  This modern executive desk is also a cohesive mix of smart space usage and proper ergonomic details.  This particular desk also boasts an articulated abstract artistry in its style.  As the great abstract artist Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. The Inland Empire Executive Desk allows the businessman of today to make a connection with the artist within while maintaining professionalism in an adult world.

Inland Empire Executive Desk


Through you can co-create your executive desk.  You are put in the drivers seat when it comes to choosing many of the design options and size of your furniture.  Take the base design on the modern executive desk you like an transform it into a one of a kind piece that fits your artistic side as well as the businesswoman inside.

Geri Gross


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