Come See New York!

When visiting the great city of New York you find the remnants of  a bygone era.  The city has been built around the streets that were originally designed to support nothing more than a horse drawn carriage.  Skyscrapers fit neatly beside old brown stones and historic architecture.  This flexible city design is brought to the executive desk in the New York Aaron executive desk.  You will find it easy to build with your already existing space or limitations with this cohesive desk. Built to accommodate all the needs of the serious business man at work while being compromising enough to work within any space.  This beautiful executive desk offers visually appealing angles and cutaways that are not only stunning to look at but create an ideal work space.


NEW YORK Aaron Executive Desk offers a wide selection of executive desk and executive office furniture that are unique and comfortable in both  formal or casual office.  Take advantage of the flexibility in design with s well.  Have your furniture sized the way you need it and then choose from a wide selection of veneers and lacquers to give it your own fingerprint of design.  With the knowledgeable staff at you will fin it is simple and rewarding to co- create you executive office furniture.

Geri Gross


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