Napoleon and Edison on Executive Desks

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “ability is nothing without opportunity”, while Thomas Edison said that there “is far more opportunity than there is ability”.  While these quotes may sound similar they both deliver unique and valid messages to business persons of the modern era.    Both of these successful men were right.  To be a success in business you must have both opportunity and ability.  Yet, without ability, opportunities are lost completely when presented.  To keep from losing opportunities in business it is smart to invest into building a rounded out offering of abilities. This can be done not only through education and smart planning but also  through proper office aesthetics.  The executive desk that you choose can help to create a professional atmosphere in your office.  This provides the right place to be taken seriously by your clientage.    The businessman who has taken the time to create a proper work environment that compliments their business talents and ability will find it easier to be a success.

A modern executive desk can make a powerful statement about the business that it represents. is committed to offering modern office furniture that fills the need of the professional who is looking to take advantage of the opportunities awaiting them.    One example of a proper executive desk that offers all the looks and class one needs, is the Philadelphia Field modern desk.  This desk, like many that offers provides a number of customizations that can take the already beautiful desk, to perfect.  BY choosing size elements and decorative touches the desk can be made to order and one of a kind.

Philadeplphia FIELD Desk

Talent and intelligence can take you a long way in the business world.  However, when opportunity knocks, it pays to be fully equipped in every avenue of modern business.  With opportunity around every corner, success depend on being equipped to find it and make the best of it.

Geri  Gross


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