An Executive Slice of the Big Apple

The Big Apple, also known as New York city, seems to effortlessly set patterns in trends.  Whether it be fashion forward dress design, or impressive architecture and home decor, New York seamlessly sets the tone for the rest of the Country.  In keeping with the current trends set forth by this major design influence, offers a stunning executive desk that is aptly called the New York City MAND.  This beautifully designed desk offers all the practical necessities of a modern executive desk with all the eye-catching benefits of great design.  The executive desk features an elegant glass top surface as well as the esthetic value of a curved front style.  This creates an intimate yet formal meeting place for executive and client.  The “floating” desk top also offers a visually light appearance.


New York City MAND strives to create desks that are not only modern and trendy but that have lasting appeal and value.  To aid in achieving the perfect desk for every one of their clients, offers many customization options that make it easy and simple to get the look and size of the desk that each of their clients requires.  Choose from a variety of rich real wood veneers or brilliant glossy lacquers.  Since all modern executive desks ordered through are made to order the possibilities of co-creating the perfect executive desk for your business or home office are endless.

No matter what part of the world you live in you can have a slice of the Big Apple in your own office space with the New York City MAND.  This beautiful, well appointed desk will breathe the life and excitement of the big city into any work space.  There is no reason why any office should lack for class and sophistication.  With the wide variety of flexibly designed desks offered through you will be certain to find the ideal modern executive desk for your needs.

Geri Gross


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