10,000 Square Feet of Big News!

The office spaces that we work in are our second homes.  When an office is spacious and well planned it produces better quality and quantity of work.  A frustrated, outdated space can do just the opposite.  Every office whether it be a big factory space or a swanky executive office, deserves proper executive office furniture.  Edeskco.com strives to provide their clients with a wide selection of well designed and practical furniture that can meet the needs of any executive office space.

New Home in Poway, California

In keeping with the theory that ample space and well-appointed work climates promote a more productive work environment, Edeskco.com is proud to announce its move to a larger and more adequate location.  This move will enable Edeskco.com to provide a wider selection and speed up delivery times.  With over 10,000 square feet of space this new location will be the foundation of an even better facility to create the executive office furniture that modern business people are looking for.

Edeskco.com is also excited to offer a showroom in the new building where clients can view in person the quality and size of the executive desks that Edeskco.com creates.  The showroom and spacious executive offices located at the new store will make it easier for clients to view furniture pieces and easily explain any customization’s they want made during the ordering process.

If anyone knows the importance of adequate space and proper office environments, it is Edeskco.com.  Everything Edeskco.com has needed to bring ideal office furniture to the public is soon to be found inside their new location at 13861 Danielson Street in Poway, California.  If office spaces are our home away from home, then why not make them a castle?  Practicing what they preach, Edeskco.com has built their business into a an establishment bound for success and the success of their clients .


Geri Gross


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