Floating Desks

Floating cities and hover craft cars have often been thought something only fit for Science Fiction, but quietly, gradually, these “futuristic” fantasies sneak up on is and we find ourselves looking at the reality of them.  One place we find very modern design arising is in office furniture.  Sleek designed executive desks have replaced bulky overly heavy tables.  Glass and chrome have come to stand in the place where once heavy oak and dark walnut abounded.  One true example of modern design making a statement in the office space is the Chicago Proust B presented by Edeskco.com.  This elegant and eye catching executive desk is one of a kind.  It makes a bold statement in decorating while maintaining an ethereal lightness with it’s glass top.

Chicago Proust

Edeskco.com is a modern office furniture company that is committed to not only giving their clients the exact office furniture that they need but also offering a positive buying experience.  Staffed with knowledgeable and helpful individuals, Edeskco.com works hard to not only offer a unique selection of furniture but to also allow clients to customize the furniture to their personal needs and taste.  When ordering from Edeskco.com you may choose from a wide variety of real wood veneers as well as shinny modern lacquers.  You can also make adjustments and customization to many pieces in their size and shape.  This allows every client who chooses to work with Edeskco.com to be completely satisfied.

You do not have to make due with ordinary office furniture that does not excite you about your work environment.  Bring your business space into the 21st century with one of these stunning executive desks.  We may be a ways off from cloud cities and hover bikes, but our office spaces do not need to be limited to styles of the past.


Geri Gross


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