Modern Architecture Comes Inside

Modern architecture if most often associated with tall elaborate structures fixed in downtown streets or finely constructed private homes aloft high up on a hill.  When beautifully designed buildings are created the job of filling them with equally modern and lush furniture arises. is committed to providing modern office furniture that will only add to the beauty of today’s great modern architecture.  One style of furniture that will make a quick modern statement in the reception area of your business is the Shreveport Modern reception Desk.  This desk offers an unusual and eye-catching take on the typical reception desk.  It offers a sort of architectural statement all of its own.  However the Shreveport reception desk is not only beautiful, but it is also highly efficient.  With ergonomic thought  given to every detail the desk will kep your reception area running smoothly. provides a wide variety of modern office furniture pieces that are well constructed and made to order.  If you find a desk that is just what you were looking for but it does not quite work for your space then can often customize the piece to make it exactly what you need.  Besides size customization , you can choose from a wide variety of real wood veneers and modern glossy lacquers as well as other color and detail customization’s. provides a highly knowledgeable staff that is ready to assist you in making the ordering process simple and easy.


There is no reason that great architecture should be seen only on the outside of buildings.  Bring modern lines and exciting style inside your office or business.  Make a real impression when someone opens your front door with a stunning and crisp reception desk like the Shreveport.  With the many options found at your are sure to find the perfect modern office furniture to give your business a touch of class.


Shreveport Reception Desk

Geri Gross


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