An executive Desk for 2013

As we enter into 2013, we trespass onto the modern future some only imagined as science fiction many years ago.  While some things are not as highly mechanical as once dreamed up for the big screen, many things are just as once was imagined for the distant future.  Hover cars, robotical maids and cities in the sky are still what fiction is made of.  However some things shone with the metalic lustre of the ultra modern and no other climate is as flexible in this way as the modern office space.

Mand Glass Desk

Mand Glass Desk is committed to creating one of a kind modern executive office furniture.  This all inclusive furniture company brings the executive office into the modern future that we are now living in.  One such piece is the New York City style Mand glass executive desk.  This ultra sleek desk shines with reflective chrome and ethereal glass top.  The desk offers an ergonomic three piece layout that allows the user to manipulate the desk into several practical options.  Combine the flexible style of this modern executive desk with’s ability to custom order the desk with many persnalization options and when your desk arrives it will be one of a kind.

Embrace 2013 with ultra sleek office furniture that is appropriate for the modern times we live in. Create a work space that is a sanctuary for creativity and productivity.  Clean lines, shinny metals and glass desk tops bring the glamour of the future into the present corporate office. With the help of our committed staff you can acheive the best executive desk possible for your office space.  Consider the New York City Mand executive desk or many other beautifully appointed desks at today.


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