A Fabulous Desk for Fabulous Business

Sometimes all someone needs in an otherwise sterile environment is a touch of glamour to liven things up.  There is no reason that a professional and well appointed executive office has to be cookie cutter style with no sense of style.  In a beautiful fusion of business appropriate and fabulous the Oregon Pitts executive desk was created to bring together two worlds in one.  This stunning desk offers all the practicality of a high end executive desk with just a splash of bling.  This desk and many others can be found through Edeskco.com where all sorts of beautiful executive furniture can be found and custom ordered to suit your needs.

Edeskco.com prides themselves on providing their clients with a fusion of beautiful custom designed executive furniture as well as the very best is customer service. Many of the executive desks and other unique furniture pieces are custom made so that you can have them created to fit your style and space.  Edeskco.com offers a variety of rich real wood veneers as well as ultra modern glossy lacquers  to give your office furniture your own unique flair.  One quick call to Edeskco.com will get you on your way as our staff will make the process of co-create g your own one of a kind executive furniture simple and easy.

Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you need to create a business setting that represents both your professionalism as well as your personal taste.Take a look at all the creative options offered through this unique company.  The Oregon Pitts and many other executive desks there are just the blank canvas for your individual expression.  Bring your office space out of the dol-drums and into fabulous with a hint of shine and glimmer and do it all in one place, at Edeskco.com.

Oregon PITTS

Oregon PITTS



Geri Gross


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