Art Meets Function

Being both professional and prepared for what your clients bring is necessary to a successful business.  You can achieve both function and beauty with ease at  There is no need to settle for ordinary executive office furniture   Even a simple architectural element added to a an otherwise simple desk can give it eye catching flare.  The Lattier B is a perfect example of practical design given elegant charm and artistic balance with simple elements.  This stunning executive desk is well made and very functional.  The gentle swooping lines of the front of the desk give it a special look that is out of the ordinary without being overwhelming.  Like so many of the executive office furniture pieces offered through you will find that the desk is both ergonomic and works as an art piece in your office space.  There is no longer a need to settle for a boring run of the mill desk, or to look for something outlandish and in poor taste.  Get the best of both worlds with a desk where art meets function.


Lattier Executive Desk

Lattier Executive Desk


All the furniture created at is made with pride and with the intention of making every customer satisfied completely.  In an effort to give clients exactly what they are looking for you can order your desk with a number of custom modification and colors.  Choose from a variety of rich wood veneers and glossy ultra modern lacquers   When you co -create your executive desk you will discover the enjoyment and ease of putting your own personal finger print on the furniture you work with every day.  You do not have to sacrifice professionalism for art with an executive desk like the Lattier B or and other impressive desks that you will find when you shop at



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