This Week’s Modern Office News

An executive desk worth featuring should provide lasting style, a high level of function and a great price.  That’s why this week we are talking about the beautiful Philadelphia Field Desk.  This desk has lasting appeal in its modern yet timeless design.  Clean lines and rich layering give the modern executive desk eye appeal as well as a nod at Zen styling.  The Field executive desk is also designable in its customization options allowing you to make it the prefect desk for your office space and needs.

Philadeplphia FIELD Desk

Philadelphia FIELD Desk

Take the Philadelphia Field Desk or any of our stunning executive desks and make them your own with a wide range of real wood veneers, lacquer finishes as well as wood paint finishes.  Take the timeless appeal of this beautiful desk and give it the edge you are looking for by adding your own personal taste. provides not only numerable options to customize your office furniture but also invests time into their clients.  We can help and guide you through the ordering process, assuring that you get the furniture just the way you want it.  If the Field executive desk suits your needs, find out today how easy it is to have the desk custom made to fit your space and decorative needs.  Our desks are built to last. We give great thought to all materials and finishes and how they will help the piece to endure the test of time so that your investment will be with you for the years to come.


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