Modern and Classic Made to Mingle

Rich woods and clean lines are the request of so many clients and the designers at have listened and are excited to offer a line of beautiful modern office furniture.  Modern art is renowned for its strict adherence to refreshingly crisp lines and colors that soothe the senses.  This qualities are brought into your office with the Jesse executive desk.  This modern desk offers the classic feeling of a solid wood desk but with the lines and details of the modern desk. Your executive desk speaks as an art statement in your office and can provide your clients with a positive feeling when they walk in, or just the opposite.

“Jesse” Modern Executive Desk

When choosing your modern executive desk, take the time to consider how much time you spend at it.  How much space will you require.  What sort of space to you need for your clients and employees when meeting with them.  Take into consideration the ergonomics of your desk as well as the comfort of the desk you spend so much time at.

At, great attention is given to our clients.  We want you to have a say in the outcome of your furniture.  That is why many of our piece s are available with a number of customization.  Choose from real wood veneers for that rich classic look.  Or pick from high gloss lacquers that will make your office glisten with modern shine.  The sizes and shapes of many desks are also flexible allowing you to get the desk you want fitting perfectly in the office space that you have.

Don’t settle for less than exactly what you are looking for.  Let the helpful staff at help you to co-create your one of a kind executive desk and discover the great feeling yo have when you sit behind a desk that you truly love.

Geri Gross


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