Hollywood Glam Made Modern

The receptionist of old Hollywood movies has long since been forgotten by many modern business people.  The image of the overly decorated young woman filing her nails and chewing gum as she hap haphazardly manages phones and clients has become a story book character.  Gratefully the reception area of any business has become a place of serious thought and reflection when a business owner looks to arrange it to present well to their  clients.  Edeskco.com understands the importance a first impression makes on your potential leads and customers.  That is why they created the ARES round reception desk.  This modern reception desk offers a throw back feel to the classy office spaces of times past but with modern lines and practical space arrangement. The Ares desk offers a touch of class that will be sure to provide a strong presence in your reception area.

Ares Modern Reception Desk

Ares Modern Reception Desk

Edeskco.com provides a wide range of beautiful desks and modern office furniture for the executive business space.  Besides the well appointed looks of the designs these desks offer a wide range of flexibility in their final look.  Choose from a number of real wood veneers, glossy lacquers and  other classy finishes.  You can also work with Edeskco.com’s helpful and knowledgeable staff to co-create your modern office furniture by adjusting sizes and small details of your furniture so that it fits perfectly into your work space.  Getting your furniture exactly the way you need it and want it has never been so easy.

Modern and classy is today’s ideal way of greeting your clients and you can do it with ease when you place the Area reception desk at the front and center of your business. Take the time to invest some thought and purpose into the all important reception area of your business today.



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