Re-Purposed Offices Re-Newed

Let’s just be honest, not every business lands in the perfect office space. Some business people are struggling to make functional a work space that was perhaps designed for another purpose than the one it is handling currently.  This can cause a number of issues in terms of ergonomics and proper design. has worked hard to find and create modern office furniture that can help to accommodate any size or shape of office space you may find yourself working in.  For example the Wichita Contemporary Reception desk is designed to function in even an odd shaped room.  It’s unique corner design allows flexibility when laying out your reception area.  With foresight and thought you can make even the most dysfunctional reception are feel warm and welcoming.  You don’t even have to compromise on practicality when you make use of the smart lay out of this attractive reception desk.

Wichita Reception Desk

Wichita Reception Desk works hard to bring a wide selection of attractive and well planned modern office furniture pieces.  Besides the initial design they work hard to make each individual piece to fit perfectly in the space it is being ordered for.  This is done by offering a wide variety of finishes from real wood veneers to glossy lacquers.  You will also find that the knowledgeable staff is happy to work with you in designing your office furniture to fit perfectly in your unique space.  Small adjustment son size and shape can allow for a better fit in your reception area, conference room, or executive office.

An odd shaped room, or a re-purposed office is no reason not have modern office furniture that fits in perfectly with the style of your business. Modern, sleek and attractive can fit into any space when you let help you co-create office furniture that will make a great first and lasting impression on every client that walks through your doors.



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