Around The Conference Room Table – Collaboration Is Key!

During the 1950’s and 60’s, the sole means of technology, within the office and business world, used to connect people to each other was the good, old-fashioned telephone. Reminiscing, one may recall that, within that antiquated office scenario, collaboration occurred only when colleagues physically joined together in a conference room for face-to-face interaction around a conference room table. Modern day technological advancements now call for new ways to capture more than just internal knowledge within the workplace, but extract outside, external knowledge as well. Without a doubt, collaboration of yesterday has progressively transformed into accelerated innovation, characteristic in today’s workplace.

Poland Conference Table

Poland Conference Desk

As the year 2015 soon approaches, a rapidly evolving technology collection of connected devices, non-existent a mere 20 years ago, permeates the typical office, changing colleague communication and collaboration. While the telephone and the conference room table served as collaborative tools of the past, today smartphones, tablets, “smart” white boards, Web video conferencing, online sharing/meetings, and more, are being utilized around a new, modern conference room table, capable of accommodating and advancing collaborative activity in the workplace on a whole new level.


Manilla Boardroom Table

Manilla Boardroom Table


Companies can make their office environment more conducive to creativity that sparks innovation by providing a flexible, collaborative workplace. Conference and boardroom meeting areas featuring contemporary conference room tables, adaptable work stations, a bright, light, open, free-flowing environment, as well as, connected technology, will encourage and enable the exchange of ideas amongst colleagues around the entire world, if so desired. In collaborative workplaces, colleagues need to stay connected, not just with each other, but also with essential technology they depend on to be actively and thoroughly engaged. Contemporary conference room tables and boardroom meeting tables serve the purpose of assuring that collaborative members are literally, “plugged in”, with useful technological tools immediately at their fingertips.

The Modern and Sophisticated Emir Conference Table

The Modern and Sophisticated Emir Conference Table

All companies strive for innovation and growth, but few realize the importance of collaboration as a means for facilitating such. By definition, in order to “collaborate” one must capitalize on opportunities to work with others and tap into the knowledge and expertise of others for a shared purpose or goal. New technology and connected devices alone should not be the focus within our collaborative work environments. As we adapt to the technological evolution transforming our everyday workplace, we should not loose touch of the key objective to our collaborative endeavors, working together to determine how to cultivate OUR best IDEAS and accelerate innovation.


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