Modern Reception Desks Modeling Excellence

imageBasics to Business Excellence

Booker T. Washington, an influential African American leader of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, once proclaimed that, “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way”. What a simple reminder this should be in today’s competitive business world where it is all too easy to fall into the habit of perceiving common or basic “things” as insignificant, and therefore, worthy of complete disregard. Companies today tend to focus more commonly on achieving excellence by remaining a step ahead of all the rest with a mindset of obtaining the “latest and the greatest” strategically and technologically. Public perception of a company or organization translates into the formation of ideas, attitude, and basis for determining its excellence and success. When striving for business excellence, don’t forget to begin with the basics in the office by transforming “common things in an uncommon way”.The presentation of a common fixture in most front offices, a reception desk for example, can quickly instigate an abundance of thought provoking questions from visitors. Analysis of a reception area and receptionist desk itself can provide answers as to whether or not a company is:

  • Welcoming?
  • Helpful?
  • Competent?
  • Accomplished?
  • Confident?
  • Dependable?
  • Committed to Excellence?!
Ares Modern Reception Desk

Ares Modern Reception Desk

Model With A Modern Reception Desk

Modern reception desks that depict and provide attention to detail, in an uncommon and contemporary way, can set the tone and perception of excellence of companies. A conscious effort to publicize to customers and colleagues alike, with a unique, European-style, contemporary reception desk for example, displays precisely what your company values. Not only will clients walk into the company lobby and recognize the importance placed on excellence at work, but the modern reception desk and other contemporary, executive office furniture being modeled will spark enthusiasm as it demonstrates appreciation to employees likewise, indicating value and respect given for their jobs.

To employees, designer, contemporary reception desks and other similar modern executive desks will likely be perceived by them as a reward for the value placed on their contribution and responsibilities within the company. They will feel confident and proud representing company mission and objectives, with an enhanced sense of purpose, sitting behind the executive office furniture designed to facilitate excellence.

A Contemporary Reception Desk Exudes Excellence

Shreveport Reception Desk

Shreveport Reception Desk

In order to remain at their peak, employees definitely need a regular dose of approval. Inspire excellence within your company by instilling initiative to be productive or creative in a way that may be considered uncommon perhaps, and is frequently underestimated. Find those simple and common means, like utilizing a modern reception desk, to create apathy towards work objectives and, ultimately, promote the future success of the company. A goal involving a progression towards excellence must involve maximizing productivity and increasing motivation while simultaneously projecting a warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic work environment to those looking in. Choose an “uncommon” and/or customizable option when looking for that ideal, unique contemporary reception desk that will exude confidence and professionalism to all in its presence.


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