Three Steps to a Good Impression

Have you ever found yourself waiting in an office for any period of time?  Most people have experienced the dreaded waiting room of a Doctor’s office, tax preparer or other business at some point in their lives.  These waits can be made more a nuisance when the room you are asked to wait in is drab, uncomfortable or outdated.  The reception area or waiting area of an office is usually the first impression that a client gets of a business, so it needs to be up to par.  When it comes to how your office represents your work consider the following three reminders.

1) Visual Appeal- Take a look at your reception area with new eyes.  You may have walked through this space everyday for the last ten years but try to see it the way a new client would.  Does the space feel crowded, outdated, or confusing?  Rearranging the furniture or bringing in new art can go a long way in making the space more user-friendly.

2) Comfort – It may be easy to dismiss the waiting area of your office as a rarely used space, however for those who have to sit there for even just ten or fifteen minutes the view can seem different.  Comfortable seating makes a long wait seem short.  Investing in comfortable seating is important for creating a professional atmosphere. For example offers a gorgeous all leather sofa that is both comfortable and attractive.  The Ml-430 can be special ordered to fit your reception area or executive office.

3) It Needs to Make Sense – Office spaces need to be laid out in a way that helps your clients to know where to go to get what they need.  Your reception area should make it clear where the client should go to find who he needs to consult with and where they should sit while they wait.  You can avoid uneasiness and confusion by planning out the layout of your entry. gives you the ability to custom tailor your office furniture to fit perfectly in the space.  You can control the size, colors and wood veneers that your furniture is built with. provides incredible options that can quickly update your reception area and give it the appeal your business deserves.

The Ml - 430

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Castello by Edeskco

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Customize your office with a sofa and chair made to your specifications. Sofas and chairs with wood armrest can be made to match our Edeskco executive desks in Walnut, Ash, Maple, or Cherry wood veneer. Choose from 10 different color Italian Leather and 16 different fabric patterns and colors. Call us to talk to one of our managing partner for more detail.

Note: Prices are for Black Italian leather. Other Italian leather color require an additional 10% charge.

All Sofa and Chair are made to order to your exact specification. Orders can take from 8-12 weeks.

Executive Desks & Office Furniture by Edeskco

Proust_Glass_Desk_200x175Executive Desk Company is committed to offering only fairly priced and fine crafted, higher end Executive Office Furniture. We offer a complete Modern Office Furniture package that includes modern European style Executive Desks, credenzas, leather chairs, bookcases, conference tables, boardroom tables and meeting tables. To complete your Executive Office décor, we suggest our stunning contemporary Reception Desks. For the executives looking to create a presidential office, our high end Italian designer presidential office furniture is exactly what you have envisioned. Edeskco Series executive office furniture are in stock and can be shipped out within 1-5 days.

Edeskco is serving all of the United States

Aaron_Executive_Desk_200x175Executive Desk Company is an importer and retailer of modern European style Executive Office Furniture. We distribute and retail on line directly to clienteles throughout the United States. Our Modern Office Furniture line include Modern Executive Desks, Contemporary Designer Desks, Reception Desks, leather chairs, meeting tables, credenzas, cabinets, sofas, and conference tables. We strongly believe that every successful manager, executive, and business owner deserves an Executive Office Furniture that will inspire themselves and others to push the boundaries. Quality Designer Office Furniture are difficult to acquire at a reasonable price. We can proudly say that our Edeskco series have broken that price barrier for High Style Desks, Contemporary Glass Desks, Receptionist Desks, and other Unique Office Furniture.
Our supplier is a large, reputable and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. This simply means that you’ll get consistent quality Modern Executive Desks from us since we work with a process oriented manufacturer and because we perform 100% inspection of all boxes before they are shipped or installed.

We carry a variety of real wood veneer types, Cherry, Ash, Maple, and Walnut. All of our Edeskco wood series Designer Office Furniture are made of real German imported wood veneer. Each type of wood veneer finish has its own unique wood grain and warm color. The beauty of real wood finish could help to reground you and provide some relief to your stressful daily work environment. For exceptional durability and a beautifully crafted wood surface finish, our executive desk desktops are made with an MDF inner core. Wood veneers made with MDF core will give a higher quality wood grain finish and bond strength, thus providing years of service without peeling or delaminating. Wood desktops range from 1 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ thick and can weight up to 200 lbs each. The sheer mass and structural rigidity of the desktops give you an idea of just how well constructed our Executive Desks are. The desktops are all unique designs and will proudly make a bold statement in any office without saying a single word.

All orders require full payment before they are shipped or delivered for installation on site. All special orders require a non-refundable 30% deposit. See our policy page for details on our return and cancellation policy. We have no minimum order requirement. We accept most credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others. Payment made by check must be cleared before the product is shipped.

We are very proud of our technical know how and our ability to run a lean business model that can offer such beautiful designer style modern office furniture at pricing not often seen in the industries. We are located in the heart of the office furniture district in beautiful San Diego at: 8510 Redwood Creek Lane, suite B., San Diego, CA 92126..