Presidential Desks

P1Presidential Desks
are exceptional and exquisite pieces of art. A Presidential Desk can be the ultimate character defining statement. Your audacity and entrepreneur spirit can only be complimented with our Presidential Desks. We are proud to offer an entire new line of Italian Designer Presidential Desks from Tiziano Dainese & Valuenet Assoc.- Genesis series, 967 Design – Materix series, Pininfarina- Luna series, and Kairos – Life series. Italian designer desks are designed in Italy and made in Italy to your exacting specifications. They are unique and stunning in every way. The design, fine craftsmanship, creative use of material, precision engineering and attention to details are just some of the obvious characteristics of Italian made contemporary desks. Choose from numerous bold finishes, exotic shapes and sizes. Configurations shown for the Genesis, Materix, Luna, and Life Series Presidential Desks are just a few example of the level of customization you can achieve. Be sure to call us to explore other unique designs. Don’t be content with just the ordinary, seek the extraordinary.

Presidential Desk Page

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